“Golden Prey” John Sanford – 2017

Golden Prey - cover   A Classic Review

“Golden Prey” John Sanford (aka John

John Sanford   A Classic Review

Roswell Camp) – 2017

John Sanford is a reliable crime fiction writer who has a returning cast of franchise characters – Lucas Davenport & Virgil Flowers. However, he pens his tales in a manner that each book could be a stand-alone story. In this issue of his “Prey” series we have:

Sheriff's Department logo -   A Classic Review

1. Lucas Davenport our returning top cop, based in Minnesota, who was rewarded for his crime-solving capabilities and recently upgraded to US Marshal.

gang tattoo -   A Classic Review -

2. Two life-long professional stickup artists and killers who steal a lotta cash from a drug cartel in Mississippi.

map -   A Classic Review

3. The drug lords, who want their money back.

4. The man/woman team of sadistic killers – hired by the capos - to get their stolen cash.

5. Hot pursuit ensues, laced with multiple shoot-outs, the FBI, federal marshals, local cops and an eleven year old boy who can use a 22 rifle.

prisoners -   A Classic Review

6. All this and Sanford’s usual cop-on-cop humor: “If I shot you by accident I probably wouldn’t even lose my job… you be’n a Yankee.”… “Well, if there’s a machine gun involved, I’ll just hang back and call for help”.

John Sanford -   A Classic Review

In every sense of the word this a yet another classic, page-turner pinned by a master story-teller. Ya couldn’t have a better day at the beach.

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