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Avalon poster - A Classic Review

AVALON - 1990 – movie - directed & written by Barry Levinson – A Classic Review - players are: Izzy Kirk (Kevin Pollak), Michael Kaye (Tom Wood), Ann Kaye (Elizabeth Perkins), Dottie Kirk (Eve Gordon), Sam Krichinsky (Armin Mueller), Eva Krichinsky (Joan Plowright), Gabriel Krichinsky (Lou Jacobi)

A heart-warming and beautifully directed movie by Barry Levinson. His casting choices are impeccable. As the characters evolved and transitioned I was left with a feeling

that Levinson was born to make this movie. Avalon is one of his series of Baltimore films: “Diner”, “Tin Men”, “Liberty Heights”.

Avalon, mythical - A Classic Review

Avalon, in Celtic mythology, is a legendary utopian island beyond the horizon of the

western ocean where the Sword of King Arthur was forged. For Sam Krichinsky, in

1914 and just off the boat from Europe, Avalon is a neighborhood in Baltimore where

he begins his quest create his own utopia in the Land of Plenty.

Sam, fireworks - A Classic Review

Sam steps off the boat at night in the middle of a Fourth of July fireworks celebration…a personal welcome to his new country. He sets out to find his four brothers who are waiting for him to join them.

Although Mr. Levinson’s story is about a Jewish family’s assimilation into the American landscape, it depicts the evolution of family relationships that should be

Sam, tells stories to children - A Classic Review

very familiar to

all groups, then and now.

Thanksgiving family dinner - A Classic Review

In a time of mutual depravation it is their interdependence that holds the family together. But, in a twist of fate, it is their drive and their success that weakens those very ties. Our story is about how this family and all families evolve as the demands of society increasingly compete with what was once family tradition.

K&K store, wall of tv sets - A Classic Review

As we move further from those bonds, they begin to loosen their hold. His son Jules and his cousin, Izzy change their name, and are they are swept up in the enthusiasm of a new country that is just beginning to find its own place in a challenging world.

K&K store front - A Classic Review

In true entrepreneurial fashion the two brothers evolve from hanging wall paper, to selling pots and pans from door to door, and eventually pooling their resources to open a storefront which expands to a discount warehouse.

In an ironic twist of fate the very medium that launched their success, television, was

empty dinner table - A Classic Review

about to change how they, and families nation-wide, interact with each other. The evening ritual, of a dinner-time summing up of the day’s activities

family watching TV - A Classic Review

suddenly ended as the whole nation sat staring at the TV screen.

fireboat hosing down burning building - A Classic Review

It takes a fire that destroys their discount warehouse and leaves them bankrupt, to reveal the true value of those weakened bonds that had been cast aside.

family gathering - A Classic Review

It is the awakening of those ties that provide the confidence and support they need to survive.

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