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ANDROMEDA STRAIN – 2008 - movie - A Classic Review - 4 TV episodes were directed by Michael Salomon – the players are – Dr. Jeremy Stone ( Benjamin Bratt), Dr. Angela Noyce (Christa Miller), Colonel James Ferrus (Louis Ferreira) Major Bill Keane (Ricky Schroder), Dr. Charlene Barton (Viola Davis), Jack Nash (Eric McCormack), General George W. Mancheck (Andre Braugher), President William J. Scott (Ted Whittall)

This is a TV mini-series which NBC is calling a re-imagining, not an adaptation of Michael Crichton’s story. Regardless, this is a vast improvement over the theater release. Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

The U.S. military has detected a worm-hole near our solar system. They have initiated

Project Scoop, and launched a satellite designed to collect samples of possible living organisms that may have transited through the worm hole.

On a mountain road, in our opening scene, we find two teenagers making out in the back of a pickup. At a critical juncture in their efforts the Project Scoop satellite crashes near by, interrupting their blissful moment.

They investigate and doing what teenagers do, they naturally load it into the back of the pickup and bring it into the town of Piedmont, population 83.

Apparently the Army noticed that their satellite went missing and have sent a couple of soldiers to investigate. They find the crash site but… oopps, the satellite is not there.

Upon driving into town they are confronted by a crazed old man and find the streets littered with dead bodies. The two soldiers are soon dead themselves, apparently from some lethal virus that escaped from the satellite.

As usual the politicians are not admitting anything is wrong, but have sent in a military

command to seal off the area, and a team of civilian specialists (the Wildfire team) is on its way! Each of the team members is appropriately assigned a list of personal problems, professional grudges and inner conflicts which evolve throughout the story.

Meanwhile, Jack Nash, an alcoholic, muck-raking journalist assembles his own team and, acting on a tip, is hot on the Project Scoop trail.

The Wildfire team soon discovers that everything in town is dead except the turkey buzzards.

Not taking any chances, the army then sprays the area with a chemical that kills off the turkey buzzards.

Now that the birds are also dead, and sealed inside their protective gear, it’s now safe

for the team to land.

After a casual investigation the military member of the Wildfire teams suggests that

they bomb the town with a low-yield nuclear device.

OOOOpppps… wait just a minute, here’s a baby girl who has survived - look out!… the

team is attacked by the old guy with a tire iron; who we discover is still alive because he drank Sterno. We’re never told what the baby girl drank.

Now… the General in charge of Project Scoop is pushing for the nuke… but only the president can approve a nuclear strike! Hey… wait a minute… what about the up-

coming election???

Let’s blame the North Korean Satellite that was in the area. And… wouldn’t ya know it… there’s a storm front moving from California that could spread the contamination. The tension is building!

The military member of the Wildfire team is loading a plane with the bomb… and now, damn, there’s a glitch in communications and the Wildfire team can’t call to the


We find that our coke-head Journalist, Nash, has been under observation…. his inside investigator is killed on a lonely desert road by a highway patrolman.

Events are now happening a furious pace! A local sheriff has gone berserk and is killing people… soldiers start shooting each other. Nash is wandering around a military base when a soldier goes berserk and tries

to stop the plane from taking off… but the

plane is on its way….. the President says nuke’m..

Sorry… but if you want to experience the exciting conclusion you’ll have to ask your

local library to get this DVD through their Inter-Library Loan Service… or buy it on the

web. . I repeat… this is the 2008 made for TV version.

It is a fun movie … don't miss it!

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