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Arther Hill, Kate Reid, James Olsen, Davie Wayne - A Classic Review


ANDROMEDA STRAIN - 1971 - A Classic Review - directed by Robert Wise – players are: Dr. Stone (Arthur Hill), Dr. Dutton (David Wayne), Dr. Hall (James Olsen), Dr. Leavitt (Kate Reid). This is the 1971 movie adaptation of Crichton’s book.

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A satellite plunges to earth in the desert and an unknown virus kills off all the residents of a small town… except for the town drunk and an infant. A team of scientists are sent in to save the day.

Right up front I gotta say that the 2008 TV version was a huge improvement over this movie. It’s often hard to judge who’s at fault when an actor seems so badly out of place in a role.

movie poster - A Classic Review

Sorry to say but Kate Reid is either poorly directed or just miss-cast as the fiercely independent feminist battling for recognition in a male dominated profession.

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And… everybody else is just a cardboard cut out of a real person. The whole thing is just talk-talk-talk. In addition, regarding how Hollywood handles sci-fi even today…. there seems to be little regard for scientific accuracy or rational thought; everything is sacrificed for the story. It’s hard for anyone who has not slept through high school science to watch some of this silliness.

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