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ROGUE LAWYER - John Grisham - 2015 - A Classic Review - Grisham is a master of his craft.He sets this series of sequences up like bowling pins and knocks them down one at a time. There's a rhythm with peaks and valleys to all his stories, which although it doesn't detract from your enjoyment of his clever plots, it does make them somewhat predictable.

He's obviously seen, in Michael Connelly's two repeating characters, Mickie Haller and Harry Bosch, how attractive an on-going star can be. So now he's jumped on the franchise bandwagon with this book. Why he did this in this fashion, we cannot know, but his new, returning hero is the twin of Michael Connelly's Mickie Haller - "The Lincoln Lawyer'. He's replaced the Lincoln Town Car with a bullet-proof van with a blown engine.

book cover - A Classic Review

They have similar, vulnerable families, troubled kids, shared custody and ex-wives in full battle dress. They have tough guys to help them out because of the dumb moves they've made (gee, the meeting is in a dark parking garage), and smart teams of people to do the boring lawyer work. Sometimes this is silly indeed. You can bet either of these two guys is gonna step in it when they forget to take their gun out of the glove box. The problem Grisham faces with his new franchise character, Rudd, is he has yet to develop the personal characteristics that make Connelly's Mickie Haller and Harry Bosch so believable and easy to accept. And... I have to say, neither of these two writers holds a candle to James Lee Burke when it comes to poetic exposition or when delving into the beautiful, inner mysteries of men's souls.

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