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THE GIRL IN THE SPIDER WEB – DAVID LAGERCRANTZ - 2015 - A Classic Review - The Swedish title is "That Which Does Not Kill Us" - David Lagercrantz has been authorized to continue the Stieg Larsson series - For the record, not much would make me happier, as an appreciative reader of crime fiction, than to look forward to a continuation of stories about one of the most original characters to appear in a novel in recent memory, Lisbeth Salander. However it hasn’t happened here.The first problem with David Lagercrantz's attempt to write a sequel to Stieg Larsson's spectacular series is his reluctance to make Salander the focus of this plot. He seems to think that these stories were about the journalist, Blomkvist, which makes us suspect that he's hesitant to begin committing Salander to the printed page.

He really didn't begin to focus on Liz Salander until around chapter 15. When we get down to shoot outs and the violence he has her running around for 5 chapters without medical treatment, and with the 9mm slug from a Stechkin APS automatic pistol still in her body. Also, he fails to inspire ever a trace of empathy in any of the new/old characters. Even Blomkvist has become a flabby, gutless, hesitant, cutout of Larsson's original driven journalist.

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