Lab Girl" - Hope Jahren - 2011 - book

"Lab Girl" - Hope Jahren - 2011 - A Classic Review - This is a book that every woman and every man of a certain age should read. Ms. Jahren is a tenured professor at the University of Hawaii. She inherited her love for science from her scientist father while, literally, playing at his feet during evenings at his laboratory.


She leads you through a life filled with wonder at the complexity and the struggle that living plants must endure to survive and flourish. Her love for science not only fueled her passion for her work but gave her the inner power to face down sexual harassment and discrimination that pervades the scientific community. Her thoughts and insight serve to encourage all who aspire to explore new ideas not only in science, but in art, in business and in the search for a rewarding and fulfilling life. “A true scientist doesn’t perform prescribed experiments, she develops her own and thus generates wholly new knowledge.”

She opens up the world of scientific observation and makes it into believable and inspiring poetry. From page 37: "After scientists broke open the coat of a lotus seed and coddled the embryo into growth, they kept the empty husk. When they radiocarbon-dated this discarded outer shell, they discovered that their seedling had been waiting for them within a peat bog in China for no less than two thousand years. This tiny seed had stubbornly kept up the hope of its own future while entire human civilizations rose and fell. And then one day this little plant's yearning finally burst forth within a laboratory."

With that history I would give the little seed a reward for endurance. I hope the lab techs gave it a chance to blossom. So, here's your chance: Read this book and give your life a chance to bloom also.

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