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Amy Adams - A Classic Review
American Hustle, poster - A Classic Review

American Hustle – 2013 – A Classic Review - directed by David O. Russell – written by Eric Warren Singer – the players are: Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale), Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams), FBI agent Richie DiMaso (Bradley Cooper), Rosalyn Rosenfeld (Jennifer Lawrence), Mayor Carmine Polito (Jeremy Renner).

Bradley Cooper,  as Richie DiMaso - A Classic Review

the real Richie DiMaso - A Classic Review

The FBI (think ABSCAM - 1978) – The plot is based upon a true story. The FBI agent Richie DiMaso cons a couple of con artists, Irving Rosenfeld and Sydney Prosser – Christian Bale & Amy Adams (who appears to play the entire movie without underwear) - into working for the government.

FBI agent posing as Arab Shiek - A Classic Review

the real Abscan crew - A Classic Review

They invent an Arab sheikh who wants to buy into Atlantic City casinos. He approaches the poli-tically powerful mayor of Camden, N.J., Carmine Polito with offers of money for his help. However, when the mob becomes involved Rosenfeld gets nervous about testifying in court and as a result no crime figures were ever arrested.

the real Roslyn Rosenfeld, Jennifer Lawrence - A Classic Review

the real Carmine Polito - A Classic Review

As the house of cards falls apart Carmine Polito and

several politicians were indicted. The Camden mayor served 32 months in jail. Not all these stories end well. In real life, Rosenfeld’s wife Roslyn testified against him, saying that he had accepted a gift from the FBI’s “sheikh”. A week later, she was found dead from what appeared to be suicide.

tv screen, surveiliance - A Classic Review

Although the story mostly takes place in Camden, New Jersey it was shot in and around Boston and in New York City. All those envelopes they handed out in south Jersey? My guess is they were a little light.

Jeremy Renner - A Classic Review

Jeremy Renner, the real Carmine DiMaso - A Classic Review

However Jersey’s reputation as a New York City joke is polished to perfection by Jeremy Renner as Camden’s Mayor Carmine Polito – complete with the Elvis hair, double knit suits, huge American cars, and his willingness to deal. Robert Di Niro, who is uncredited, shows up as the Mafia Godfather from Miami.

the real Irvine Rosenfeld, Christian Bale - A Classic Review

Christian Bale - A Classic Review

Bale - who is famous for his weight gains and losses - was skin and bones after playing in The Fighter, and had to gain over 40 pounds for his role as Irving Rosenfeld. As they were finishing up in Boston, shooting was put on hold because of the Marathon bombings.

Jennifer Lawence, Sydney Prosser - A Classic Review

Jennifer Lawrence (“Winter’s Bone”) as the baby faced wife with the piled-up hair, steals the show from Bale and makes this her movie. She grabs center stage in scene after scene as the heart-stopping image that is lurking in every husband’s nightmare, the enraged and furious… Jewish-Italian harpy.

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